Tight Loose Tight Foundation Course

- Agile Leadership -

Learn to lead agile even if you don't work in an agile environment. 

Learn to lead with control without using control.

Learn the foundations of Tight Loose Tight - the agile leadership principle, made in Norway.

The course takes place on May, 23rd and 24th in Berlin.

Agile ain't easy...

Trying to change a leadership style from classic to agile can be exhausting.

Not only don’t you know where and how to start, also the team gets confused.


Chaos, stress, resistance might be the result, while instead you wish to have a successful and happy team.


You are not the only one that struggles in that way!


Most of the agile approaches focus on methods that are used in software development, which are not applicable to other areas of work.

In addition, they focus on the method as a tool but not on how to use it.


And most tell you what not to do - instead of showing you what you can learn.


Tight Loose Tight has been developed and taught in Norway as an agile leadership principle since 2010.

It has been used to successfully transform traditional managers to agile leaders.


Large enterprises, public service organizations as well as the Norwegian church are convinced:


Tight Loose Tight is a leadership approach that can be used in all contexts.

Learn the foundations of Tight Loose Tight!

After the course...


  •  you will have understood the Tight Loose Tight approach,
  • you will have learned how to combine innovation with operation,
  • you will be part of a network of equals to share your experiences and learn from each other.


What other people say about Tight Loose Tight

“Adopting trust-based leadership involves training Telenor’s management teams around the world in what the company calls tight, loose, tight”. Sigve Brekke, CEO Telenor in this article from World Economic Forum 


“Learning to understand Tight Loose Tight, and especially Loose Tight Loose, was a wow, and we used it into our strategy instantly”. Government organization


“After you trained us in Tight Loose Tight, our leadership group has improved our communication and understanding of agile leadership”. Top management group


“Wow, it really works. The team loves my new approach!”. Product owner for an agile team


"I felt that having a clear goal on all levels is very effective. It made it easy to engage people”. Leader in NAV explaining the effect after being trained in Tight Loose Tight in this thesis.


Tight Loose Tight Journey

The foundation course is a prerequisite for to become a Certified Tight Loose Tight practitioner.


As a Tight Loose Tight Practitioner, you will be able to work as a leader in an agile organization, and you will be able to support other leaders in your organization to adopt an agile practice. We believe that after completing the full course you will have learned a new mindset, and that you will see and feel clear results both through more satisfied employees and through strengthened results for your team. You will also be able to put agile management in context with other management styles, and know when you should use the various management tools.


Tight Loose Tight is a Norwegian-developed management model for trust-based management, and has been adopted in both public and private enterprises such as NAV, Telenor, the National Archives and DNV. Our ambition is therefore that our students will be able to make a stronger position on the job market after completing the approved education.


To ensure quality, which we believe is a prerequisite for the education to be attractive in business, you will end the Practitioner course with an exam. Those who pass the exam and who have participated in at least 70% of the course will be able to receive a diploma as an approved Tight Loose Tight Practitioner, and will subsequently be part of a growing community of leaders who are trying to do the same as you. After a year's practice, you will also be able to apply for the education as a Tight Loose Tight Trainer, which gives you training right to train Tight Loose Tight Practitioners yourself.


So start your Tight Loose Tight journey with your foundation course and register today!


Curriculum of the foundation course

  • Brief history of leadership from the very start until the agile movement
  • How to combine innovation and operation
  • The theory of Tight Loose Tight
  • How to set the first Tight - How to let go during Loose - How to give feedback in the second Tight
  • Business agility and how to close the gap between strategy and operations in an agile business.


It is an advantage if you have experience in management and leadership - and know that existing management tools are not good enough when you have to solve complex problems. There is no requirement that you have worked with agile, but it is an advantage. In any case, you are ready to immerse yourself in flexible leadership as something new.


The course is designed for leaders regardless of the professional background. You will therefore meet other course participants from many other subject areas.

Your trainers

Tight Loose Tight is more than just a tool. We see it as a holistic approach that involves a certain mindset and values. By starting to use Tight Loose Tight you might come to a point where you face inner or outer struggles. Don't worry: That is normal. That is why we combine our fields of expertise to be the most helpful guides on your learning journey.


Rune Ulvnes has started to work with agile concepts in the beginning of the 2000s. Feeling that something was missing, he has started to develop his own agile concept. After having successfully transformed teams by using this concept, he found a name: Tight Loose Tight. Since 2010 he has been teaching his concept all over Norway. It is now used in enterprises such as Telenor, in public organizations such as NAV and even by the Norwegian church.

Rune lives in Oslo and in his spare time he loves skiing in the Norwegian mountains.


Reinert Kamøy is an expert when it comes to psychological safety, team dynamics and conflict solutions. Having a B.Sc. in computer engineering and having worked with agile teams, he is also holding an M.Sc. in conflict mediation and has been helping plenty of teams in the past years. His varied experience includes management, leadership, team and organizational development in both small and large private as well as public organizations. Dialogue and relationship are his most important tools as a teacher, coach and mediator and when building psychological safety. 

Reinert lives in Oslo. In his spare time he loves dancing, sailing, kitesurfing, being with family and friends or just binging TV-series (he saw all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones in one month).


As a former IT project manager, Susanne Ringen has first-hand experience with failing waterfall projects. After having been a Director of HR of a Berlin based digital agency, she has worked as a Systemic Coach, trainer and consultant since 2016. Her focus lies on leadership and organizational design, as well as supporting individuals and teams in times of change. In her work, she combines systems theory with mindfulness: looking at systems from a holistic angle but never forgetting the individual. In her spare time she enjoys time with surfing, windsurfing, skiing or knitting. She lives in Berlin and Norway.

Your investment

The course takes place on May, 23rd and 24th in Berlin.


Your investment is € 1.750,00 net for both days.

It includes

  • lunch on both days
  • dinner on the first evening
  • coffee, water, tea and healthy snacks during the course


The max. amount of people will be 12 to ensure a good learning atmosphere.

The minimum amount is 4 people. In case the number of course participants is not reached, the full payment will be refunded. Deadline for the minimum amount is April, 30th.

All costs that you incur due to that are at your own expense.


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